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Some things cannot be erased... - Boxed in!!!
It all starts where it ends...

Date: 2006-12-14 02:22
Subject: Some things cannot be erased...
Security: Public
Location:Tampere, Finland
Music:Anarchy in the UK - Sex Pistols
One hotel room, three characters and two whole hours. Trust Richard Linklater to attempt, and pull something like that off with total grace. The 2001 film Tape is based on a play by the same name.

The effects of the film are something very personal to the viewer, and a lesson about what first perceptions are and what they later turn out to be, as the audience views each character slowly, as if through different pieces of coloured glass.

A fireman-cum-drug-dealer with unresolved issues of violence, and for whom you start to develop some fondness outright, for he is something so real in his moral ambiguity and easy take on life.

A hollywood aspirant documentary film maker who dreams of portraying and hence preventing what society can potentially become through his films. A tad grandoise, at first look, maybe a shammer of sorts. The first mental image is the ubiquitous individual whose sense of morals and ethics are strongly enforced by society,and if questioned about anything beyond, crumbles.

And a sure-footed intelligent looking lady working at the DA's office, who is badgered first by one, then the other about a particular incident in the past, on which all three have different takes on what exactly happened, and some are looking for closure in their own ways. And a lady who knows her mind, and who hits precisely back where required, and we know she is the real stuff.

Being deliberately vauge, but watch it, to find out! The resolution, is brilliant, to say the least.
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